Meet Nicol our trail running fitness expert & columnist

Nicol taking part in the 2015 Cell C AfricanX
Nicol taking part in the 2015 Cell C AfricanX

We would like to introduce our newest columnist and brand ambassador for DirtJam; Nicol Müller is a fitness coach by profession at The Train Station Fitness Centre and keen trail runner. This how she describe herself:

“A keen road runner from the age of 10, inspired by my father, I had a passion for fitness from an early age. Of course naturally the feel good effect from being fit evolved the desire to be healthy. Living a fit and healthy lifestyle has always been one of my top priorities. However before embarking into the fitness world from a career side, I started studying a Marketing degree straight out of high school. It was only when I moved to the UK and became unhappy with what I was studying did it dawn upon me that I could turn this passion into a career.  I qualified in the UK in 2011 and moved back to South Africa the day after qualifying – excited to make a difference in the lives of others.  I later dived into the world of triathlon and trail running and am involved in the running of our local triathlon club, Club MSM.  Pushing the boundaries and believing you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, are two key elements in my own personal training and the training of others.”

Being from Cape Town she will be covering the trail running events in the Western Cape as well as giving our readers some advice on how to stay fit and train for off-road specific events.